Tuesday Treat – Learning a new skill

Last summer, my sewing machine and I had a huge falling out. Reluctantly, I’ve admitted that it was my fault. I blame Pinterest, with its gorgeous images and promised of easy projects – I couldn’t go wrong. Right? But I did. My impatience to make things quickly was my downfall. I didn’t measure, I didn’t […]

Leaving gaps in the lives of others

I don’t know about you, or even whether you have these thoughts, but it’s the everyday stuff that filters through my mind. I think about the routines. And I think ‘What will happen if I’m not here?’ Who will do the things that I do? Who will cover for me … Continue reading

Dog Walks in Buckinghamshire – BBOWT’s Dancersend Nature Reserve

On the last bank holiday in May, we eschewed the traditional lie in and headed out into the sunshine in search of wild orchids, gorgeous views and adventure. We were heading further afield to the BBOWT Dancersend reserve. Not only that, but we were planning on a circular walk that would incorporate part of the […]

Street Photography: A Brief Definition

For me street photography has been a revelation; it has inspired me to connect with people on the streets and given me an opportunity to understand myself better.


The question is, can a photograph elevate you to such a higher level of consciousness? This depends on how deep you look at a photograph.


The poverty, ignorance and misery of these children has given me the opportunity to create art, which can emotionally break you down, make you cry and force you to think ……


Their only job has been to produce human-like robotic iterations, clueless, brainwashed, with no minds of their own, to keep the system going ……..


They chanted ‘change change change,’ but they were driven by the emotions of change only not by rational thinking and common sense. ……..


unseen wars on the human mind and the silent weapons are mental and emotional manipulations based on manufacturing situations to which the mind and emotions respond. ……


The real world exists around us but the problem is our focus. Our attention is being diverted towards the magic ball. This ball has been packed with images to control our perception ……


USURY, also known as RIBA, is the new religion that has taken over our lives, a SYSTEM based on deceit and lies; it is a matrix that no one can escape. In the very core of the system lies usury, which has shaped the politics of …..


You have to understand; most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the SYSTEM, that they will fight to protect It.”

~ Morpheus (Matrix)


A SYSTEM, which has crushed our souls and enslaved our minds, there is a manual to follow. But, few among us will always dare to challenge the SYSTEM and step beyond the manual. The time has come for humanity to find a way out of LABYRINTH.

10 Things to do in Vienna

‘Vienna waits for you…’  Billy JoelWith horse drawn carriages, dreamy palaces and non-stop Beethoven, Vienna was a delight. We stayed at Motel One; an inexpensive and stylish hotel, and did all the touristy stuff. Here are 10 things I’…

GeoIP for Known

Introducing GeoIP support for KnownThis article is © Copyright Marcus Povey 2008-2015

A Year of Moments with Candy Pop and Lobster & Swan ~ July

Joyful by Candy PopHappy July and welcome to the seventh (yes seventh!) month of A Year of Moments. A creative collaboration between yours truly and the lovely Jeska of Lobster and Swan.July is quite possibly my favourite month. I love the sunshin…

Tuesday Treat – People Tree Summer Sale

It’s the end of the month which means one thing – pay day! It’s been a long, hot month so I’m going to be treating myself with a bit of clothes shopping. I’m currently wearing the same four outfits on rotation at the moment. Having lost a bit of weight (yay!) my summer wardrobe is […]