Pen Heaven #InkToWin Competition

There is nothing quite like using a lovely pen. I find that being able to do this is becoming a very rare thing. Sure I write in my Filofax everyday, but it’s not the same as having a reason to write by hand. My grandmothers always appreciated a good letter or postcard, but they’re no […]

Reuniting lost pets with their owners

Poppy is the centre of our world (understatement of the year!) Since adopting her from the Blue Cross, she has been an amazing addition to our family. Naturally, as a result, we are super serious about looking after her. I have alerts set up in our calendar for all her vet appointments and treatments, she’s […]

Upcoming talks: October/November 2014

[Summary: quick links to upcoming talks] The next month is shaping up to be a busy one with project deadlines, and lots of interesting opportunities to share reflections on research projects from the last year. Below are details of a few talks and activities I’m involved in over the coming weeks: 29th October 2014: ICT […]

Tuesday Treat – A Day at the Beach

Last weekend, we headed down to Pembrokeshire for the weekend. One of the best things about visiting family there is that it always involves at least one visit to the beach. Pembrokeshire is blessed with lots of beautiful beaches and walks, perfect for getting the sea air into your lungs! While it might not be […]

Locking up wheels

I realise that social media is a magnifier, that it is the Daily Mail of the internet. Everything bad is going to happen. Everything you enjoy doing is going to make you unwell. And so on. But the scary amount of motorbike thefts that I have heard about in the … Continue reading

When I Met The Minimalists

#FawnFridayAt the beginning of the year when I decided to embrace a minimalist lifestyle I found myself searching for reassurance. I was pretty sure simplifying my life was the right thing to do, I just wanted to hear from the people who were already t…

Athenian beauty

This week I was lucky enough to travel to Athens for work and got a decent amount of downtime to see some of the wonders of this magical city. I have never been to Greece before, so it was quite an experience. Despite being the middle of October (and having come from a week of…Read more Athenian beauty

A Lazy Guide to Healthy Eating

I have been ‘dieting’ for about half my life. Some work while you’re on them, some don’t even work while you’re doing them, but none have managed to get me to change my eating habits so I don’t have to ‘go on a diet’. I’ve written before about how much I dislike cooking. Not only […]

The Apprentice: Modernising Christians v Lions

Rome’s Colosseum has been through some major changes in its history. It was originally intended as a theatre. Mock sea battles, and mythological dramas were enacted for the well-educated Roman public. But as time passed, and as the Roman Empire began to wane, successive Roman Emperors felt they needed to … Continue reading