The Web API

Wherever there were Windows PCs in businesses, there’s now the web. Wherever there were peripherals connected to that PC, there’s a need for a new peripheral… just the same, but with a simple web API. Every time you see a dated PC, only running the back-office because of the peripherals hanging off it, there’s a […]

An interview with the author about new ebook, Blood

What is your new ebook Blood about? Blood is about a number of different things – delusion, madness, the fear of dying, vampirism, gay history, love, biography - all distilled through the story of a mysterious man, Cecil Black, who is dying […]

Exclusive extract of my new ebook: Blood

BUY NOW! – £1.85 | – $3.08 It is always a little unnerving entering the house of a new patient. Unlike the patients in the hospital where I work, I never know what to expect on first meeting […]

The problem with programming tutorials

The problem with programming tutorials on the Web is that they, more often than not, do not reference the version number of the language or library that they are covering. Trying to find some help on the Web with a coding problem is often an exercise in frustration. I’ve lost count of the number of […]

Dog Walks in Oxfordshire – Dry Sandford Pit

We’ve been taking advantage of the good weather we’ve been having lately and exploring new places. First on our list was Dry Sandford Pit, which is a BBOWT reserve. There are a number of walks you can around Dry Sandford and we had planned to do a bigger one, but the weather turned and we […]

T-Minus 1

Remove the cowl and fit the pillion just in case
Take the bike out for a shakedown ride, just to make sure everything is alright
Fail to shift this cold, so plan emergency routes in case of continuing illness

Salvation Army (2013) official clip

Abdellah Taïa’s highly anticipated debut film, Salvation Army (2013), has been making the rounds of film festivals all over the world and finally a clip has appeared online that provides a first glimpse for curious audiences. The film is based on Taïa’s book and […]


I want to share with you a couple of songs I use with early years groups. They are both based upon peepo/peekaboo games that excite interest from even the youngest babies that attend my early years groups – some are just a few months…

Annus Britpopulus

With humble, humble apologies to Philip Larkin. I am so very sorry.

Feeling Fabulous and More Healthy Meals

I’m still on the hunt to make meals that are healthy, full of vegetables and made from scratch. It’s been tough, I won’t lie. The amount of time it takes to find meals to eat, plan a menu and shopping list in order to have meals that are healthy and that we actually we want […]

T-Minus 2

Tidy the house Do the laundry Change the bed linen Get the currency (it’s all about coming back to a nice house from a long trip)