Madonna vs. her contemporaries

Whenever Madonna is written about lately she is almost always compared to the younger generation of pop stars currently lighting up the charts. In what has become a common narrative, we are constantly reminded of how old she is (she’s only 56 – that’s not old) and how desperate she has become trying to keep […]

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‘Famous Chelsea Buns’ at Fitzbillies, Cambridge

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Configuring STARTTLS in Exim

When securing your web servers, be sure not to forget your email servers!This article is © Copyright Marcus Povey 2008-2015

Vegan Beauty

I’ve never been the kind of girl to spend a lot of time and money on make up. Instead, I’d always be looking for the best moisturiser or the shampoo and conditioner that helped control my fizzy mane. As I get older, I still want a good moisturiser, but it also needs to contain an […]

braintree clothing: beaded lace brooch tutorial

found & sewn

I’m very excited to let you know that I will be working with Braintree Clothing and regularly contributing to their Bthoughtful blog.

Braintree Clothing is a natural clothing company born in Sydney, Australia and now based in London. It’s an independent fashion label with a simple philosophy to design and make beautiful timeless fashion while caring for our environment.

I will be sharing a range of ‘makes’ and sewing tutorials, from handmade gifts & accessories to items for the home.

So for my first tutorial I thought it would be nice to make one of my beaded lace brooches. Perfect for brightening up a cardigan, jacket or jumper for Spring.

found & sewn


  • Crochet or Lace motifs (available from most good haberdasheries)
  • Beads of different sizes and colours
  • Cotton thread
  • Felt
  • Brooch pin


  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Clear fabric glue


STEP 1 - Once you have chosen your crochet/lace motif start hand sewing your chosen beads on to the lace.
found & sewn

You could also use beads from old necklaces, sequins and buttons. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you like.

found & sewn

I’ve gone for a vintage look, using dusky pink, bronze, grey and white seed beads with a few faux pearls.

found & sewn

STEP 2- Once you have finished all the beading, trace around your motif and cut the felt to the same shape. Now glue the felt to the back of the brooch. (The felt may show through the lace, so choose a colour to match your beads.)

found & sewn 

STEP 3-  Sew a brooch pin on to the back and finish by gluing a small piece of felt over the brooch pin back for a neat finish and it’s ready to wear.

found & sewn

Step 4- Pin your handmade brooch on to your Spring jacket, jumper or cardigan and off you go….

found & sewn

found & sewn

If you’d like to join in with any of my projects or share what you have been making, just upload your image to Instagram including the hashtag #.BThoughtful_Makes

I’d love to see what you have been making…

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