A Lazy Guide to Healthy Eating

I have been ‘dieting’ for about half my life. Some work while you’re on them, some don’t even work while you’re doing them, but none have managed to get me to change my eating habits so I don’t have to ‘go on a diet’. I’ve written before about how much I dislike cooking. Not only […]

The Apprentice: Modernising Christians v Lions

Rome’s Colosseum has been through some major changes in its history. It was originally intended as a theatre. Mock sea battles, and mythological dramas were enacted for the well-educated Roman public. But as time passed, and as the Roman Empire began to wane, successive Roman Emperors felt they needed to … Continue reading

Tuesday Treat – Stitch-Mi-Lane

One of the things I love about autumn and winter is the excuse to wear lots of knitted goodies. As a result, I have a ridiculous number of wooly hats, gloves and scarves. At the moment, I’m just waiting for it to get cold enough to pull them out and wear them to my hearts […]

Stolen: Honda CBR Blade

Posting this on behalf of a friend; it’s not my bike My motorcycle was stolen on 17th October 2014 from Chipping Norton Oxfordshire. It was taken from a locked garage, between the hours of midnight and 6am. The bike is a brand new Honda HRC Blade (1,000cc) (photo below). The … Continue reading

Why I’m quitting refereeing

Refereeing the scrum at Witney vs Amersham & Children, Saturday 17 April 2010.I started refereeing rugby union in May 2005 when I did the basic foundation course at Oxford University RFC. I thought I could do a better job than many of the society r…

The Economist on ‘The Gay Divide’

This week’s edition of The Economist has a brilliant series of essays examining where we are globally on same-sex marriage and gay rights. The lead article, which can be read online (despite the publication’s pay wall), sets the tone in its summary of how quickly same-sex marriage has become accepted in the Western world against a backdrop of…Read more The Economist on ‘The Gay Divide’

What Sundays Are Made Of

What Sundays are made of…Road trips in the countryside. Fresh air. Romantic walks along sleepy country lanes. White picket fences. Sweet treats in pretty tea rooms. Idyllic honey-coloured cottages and flower filled window boxes. Not making plans. Lau…

Not a good indication

The offside front indicator on the ZX9R packed up. The corresponding rear indicator worked fine, but the front one steadfastly refused to join in. Both front indicators and the tail-tidy indicators are after-market customisations, added by a previous owner. All are LED. LEDs are not supposed to fail (often). So I … Continue reading

Tuesday Treat – Making Good Habits

Did you know that it takes about 6 weeks to create a good habit? Six whole weeks. That’s not long. At the start of the year, I started using Lift app to help me create some good habits that benefit me every day. One was to stretch every morning. Humans are the only animals that […]

Ireland and Italy

I’ve been doing a rather insane amount of travel recently, both personally and professionally, and will continue to do so until the end of October (hence why my blog posts have been few and far between lately). I love to travel and feel rather blessed that I get to see so many interesting cities around…Read more Ireland and Italy

Dog Walks in Oxfordshire – Wayland Smithy

Despite living in Oxfordshire for a number of years, I’ve only walked around the White Horse once and I’ve never been up to Wayland Smithy. A few weekends ago, we ambitiously thought we could do both in a short amount of time. We couldn’t so we focused on Wayland Smithy. It was a lovely Sunday […]