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They chanted ‘change change change,’ but they were driven by the emotions of change only not by rational thinking and common sense. ……..

Not voting Green (by a member of the Green Party)

In which a fully paid-up, card-carrying member of the Green Party sets out why he will not be voting Green in the 2015 General Election. And in which the same fully paid-up, card-carrying member of the Green Party will be resigning his membership as soon as the 2015 General Election … Continue reading

Politics: dead to me now

Well that’s it. I’m done with any kind of an interest in British politics. The reason? Maria Miller MP Maria Miller has a home in her constituency, a mere 45 minutes on an excellently-serviced train route to Waterloo Maria Miller was investigated by the independent parliamentary standards commissioner for stealing public … Continue reading

RIP Tony Benn

If one meets a powerful person — Rupert Murdoch, perhaps, or Joe Stalin or Hitler — one can ask five questions: What power do you have? Where did you get it? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And, how can we get rid of you? Anyone who cannot answer […]

Feb blogathon 7/14 – fish, water, out of

I do enjoy watching people who have been promoted above their ability, failing to grasp the meaning of the words they are uttering on camera. The Director of the Government’s Coding Initiative (who can’t actually code, but we’ll let that slide right by us) has claimed that teachers could be … Continue reading

Feb blogathon 5/14 – a long way up (and down)

Bloody hell, I’m completely tired. I’m more tired than a very tired person from a very tired town, in the middle of the tired countryside, who has been busy doing things and getting very very tired. Yes, I’ll stop now. I noticed a few peculiar things on my roadtrip to … Continue reading

Feb blogathon 2/14 – a political maxim

The late Sir John Harvey Jones (no relation), was one of the most far-sighted industrialists this country has ever produced. His business accumen is legendary; how – on more than one occasion – he worked with dysfunctional corporate entities, how he made critical (sometimes painful) decisions, how he would cut … Continue reading

That’s how it is supposed to work

Democracy, huh? Yes, I know we knock our politicians when they don’t listen to us, but last night in the House of Commons the majority of MPs reflected public opinion, by taking a course of action that was, subsequently, unpopular with a vocal group in public and the media. But … Continue reading

Birthday greetings (and a thank you)

Today is the 65th birthday of the National Health Service. The NHS: helped deliver me. Not easy, given I had infected blood, even in my mother’s womb tried so hard to keep my father alive after his terrible accident treated 10yo me when I got hit by a car. I … Continue reading

The Welfare System/politicians: right, wrong or corrupt?

The (British) Welfare System began its embryonic life in the English Poor laws of 1536. Time passed, perspective altered, society changed, and – eventually – The National Assistance Act (NAA) was enacted in to law in 1948. The fundamental purpose of the NAA was to establish a social safety net for the less fortunate members…»

Food for thought…

Eighteen out of our twenty-nine Conservative and LibDem Cabinet ministers are millionaires.
Tomorrow they get a tax cut of more than the average gross annual salary.
I offer these facts with no additional comment.

Treaty, treating?

During the course of a piece of research (I’m currently researching, in unrelated projects, international legal mechanisms, and architectural follies) one line of enquiry led me to look at the forthcoming retrial of US citizen, Amanda Knox, in Italy. As I read up on the case, I was surprised to … Continue reading

Powering up, but for whom?

The Government has announced that it is going to spend a very large lump of taxpayers money to build a nuclear power station in a very remote, but very pretty, part of the north Somerset coast. Hinkley C will cost £14bn to build (and fuck knows how many £bn to decommission, … Continue reading

An angry reader writes

Dear Coalition for Marriage, Thank you for putting your leaflet ‘Witney For Marriage’ through my letter box. I have read the contents thoroughly, and consider myself to be better educated. I was unaware that this issue – the redefinition of marriage, to allow homosexuals/lesbians to become legally ‘married’ – was such a contentious one. I…»

Bread today. Fuck all tomorrow

Do our current crop of useless twats politicians think we are completely stupid? Or do they think we are just a little bit stupid? Theresa May (who is capable of redefining the word ‘contemptible’ without expending any effort at all) has said that if the Conservative party wins the next election, the Conservative party would…»

Politicians misunderstanding things?

So, the people of Eastleigh, last week, gave the Conservative party a massive humiliation and pushed the Conservative candidate in to third place, in the by-election. And as a result, the (oh look, he’s a Conservative) Foreign Secretary, William Vague Hague has said that the voters were being (and I quote) ‘indulgent’. What amazing people…»

Status update: Blogathon 18/28

This morning my Decree Absolute landed on the doormat. That, as such, isn’t the subject of this post. The British legal system is. I would like to say that from the initial contact with Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service (as it is now known), right through to the very final step in the process, …

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Economics: Blogathon 17/28

I’ve just finished reading an article, in the Economist, about the state of Britain’s roads. Apparently, over the last two years, the number of insurance claims made, by motorists to cover the cost of repairing their vehicles, that have been damaged by poorly-maintained roads, has risen by 30%. That’s a 30% rise in two years, …

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Freedom?: Blogathon 14/28

There is a very interesting libel trial going on in the High Court; it’s been playing out for a couple of days; is scheduled to conclude early next week. I have been following the trial via the commentary of a couple of correspondents who are sitting in the public/press gallery, and describing the proceedings via the Twitter…»